Bio Mujahid Ali Khan

Mujahid Ali Khan, born on 04th January 1982. a delhi based modern Urdu poet, writer, social media influencer and Blogger. He is primarily known for his charismatic writings & poetry over the social media platforms & websites . He is the Winner of Infosys got talent & many poetry competitions. Also, performed in various events. His Ghazal on Maayi (Mother) is very popular.

Mujahid Ali Khan Completed his Master's from Delhi University India. Mujahid is known to be a sensitive poet who uses immense feelings words in the couplets. Mujahid's poems are like broken ceilings and his words like the plaster that falls into the reader’s heart and mind. He gritty etches mini poetic epics dedicated to the people who have passed through his life, which is a reason that he is successful in poetic meets in every kind of Poetry.

Mujahid Ali Khan is among those who carry the gift of imaginative power. This is evident from the fact that Mujahid can write poetry anywhere, anytime, whenever inspiration strikes or the spark of an idea hits him. The young poet attributes this skill as a blessing from God, given to him to spread love in the form of poetry. He also remains eternally grateful to his mother, without whose prayers, he would have never made it so far.

Mujahid traces his love for poetry to his childhood days. He has memories of picking up his mother’s diary filled with her favorite poems and couplets and reading them on hours end. He can clearly remember that, while reading those poems, something inside him stirred, and a desire to write his own poems began to blossom. Wanting to pen something different, he was soon thinking and playing around with words.  A mere hobby soon grew into a purpose, making him the poet he is today.

Mujahid Ali Khan started performing from a very young age. For the first time, he participated in MISS & MR. TEEN CONTEST in New Delhi, India. From there, his journey towards success continued. 


Mujahid Ali Khan won the first prize in Infosys Got Talent. He was awarded by Shirijit and applauded by his admirers. His famous poem ‘Maayi’ (Mother) got recognition and was sung by singer Imran Sehar.

He has performed on his ghazals on different platforms. He performed in ME4 Cancer Event and mesmerized the audiences with his captivating performance. The event took place in Raddison Blu, Deira Dubai , the event celebrated cancer warriors who fight and beat this deadly disease every day. Tahira Kashyap Khurrana, a cancer survivor, participated in the event as a guest of honor.


Mujahid has also received multiple awards as the 'Poet of the Month' from several organizations & performed in many events. 

Mujahid Ali Khan has a sensual grip over words that is reflected through his work. His poems cast a spell and serve a purpose to woo the public. He has a natural ability to write ghazals and perform in front of the live audiences. Apart from his poetry collection, he is also working on a memoir that will be published soon. He has received many awards from different organizations and earned high praises for his performances.

Mujahid Ali Khan is connected to his followers through his poetry and poems on his official  page of Facebook and Instagram, and his fan base is increasing by the day which has been covered by many news channel. He has recorded his own ghazals in a soothing voice is now available on soundcloud.com. Over the past few years, He has shared his numerous poems & couplets on Facebook and gained much appreciation and popularity. He writes about love, friendship, motivation, inspiration and so on. He is also active on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

On his official Facebook page will always keep you updated with the posts and updates that are officially posted by Mujahid Ali Khan, All Poetry, Event Performances, songs, New Books, Lyric’s , Facebook, YouTube updates and another updates for upcoming events will be posted here. This page is as a big family for Mujahid Ali Khan and he loves to stay connected to all his fans and friends. 

Mujahid Ali Khan mission is to make his fans satisfied with his poems and poetries . Keep supporting & loving Mujahid Ali Khan

Dubai Filmfare ME4 Cancer Event 


Mujahid Ali Khan perfomed in Dubai & recite his  poetry  written for Ms. Tahira Kashyap Khurana who came all the way from Mumbai India to attend the Event. He won the hearts of audience with his with tremendous performance.

Who needs One Direction when you can rock the stage solo? Take a look !

Infosys Got Talent Bangalore, India Event


Mujahid Ali Khan perfomed in infosys got talented . He won the hearts of audience with his with tremendous achievement.


Who needs One Direction when you can rock the stage solo? Take a look! 

First Prize Winner - Infosys Got Talent  
 Awarded By Mr. Shrijit
Happiness Event -Dubai


Birthday Event Dubai


Birthday celebrations.jpg
Nazm Maayi (Mother)
Singer Imran Sehar


Mujahid Ali Khan wrote this nazm on mother when he was in Middle East & missing his mother. 

A poem to Mom expressing love and thankfulness. 


This nazm sung by singer imran sehar. Lyrics By Mujahid Ali Khan- Listen it & Enjoy 


Miss & Mr. Teen Contest - New Delhi India
Mujahid Ali Khan Poet
Mujahid Ali Khan Miss & Mr_edited.jpg

Feedback & Reviews -Social Media 

It's been a greatest joy to see your deepen insights about love and life! The way you pen down your excellence and core inclination about emotions of loving souls is simply a reflection of your own dignified personality and sacred beauty of words puts everyone's​ heartbeat at fault :)

May Almighty help you to succeed leaps and bounds ! Stay blessed! :)

Priyanka Sharma, New Delhi, India


I don't think I have to say a lot for this page and poetry. Every one knows and enjoys. In simple and lucid words "I just Love it "....... :-*.

Zantal Ansa Khan, Lahore, Pakistan 

Awsemmm n no.1 respected page.. all posts r fabulous. God bless you..

Megha Chawlan New Delhi India


Amazing shayari and an amazing personality. Keep going. May youalways succeed in life.

Gulnaz Farooqui, Goa, India

Amazing ! The way yu put your feelings in to words is really awesome

Deeksha Dishu Upadhyay Agra Uttar Pradesh India


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